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Today we are excited to release our second module for FileMaker developers: fmRecentRecords. It’s an easy-to-deploy module for FileMaker that gives you a simple way to add a history to the dashboard or menu screen that your users will appreciate. The idea behind it is to make it trivial for a user to get back to what they were working on from the home screen by presenting a list of the records they recently viewed. The assumption here is that your user is probably going to be visiting a small set of records on a regular basis — at least in the short term. Automatically keeping those records at the user’s fingertips saves them the trouble of searching for the same record multiple times a day.

The nuts and bolts of this module involve storing information in a separate table each time a user visits a record, notating the primary key, the table name, and some descriptive info (using an OnRecordLoad trigger). On the dashboard is a portal that displays the list of records that have been visited, with the most-recently visited record at the top. When a user clicks on an item, a script navigates to the appropriate record and layout using this stored info. As they begin visiting the record less frequently, it falls lower in the list, and the most recently visited records show up at the top.

Main features:

  • Saves time for your users, and instantly adds value to your solution
  • Requires minimal changes to your database
  • Track records in any number of tables
  • Can be deployed within minutes
  • Will run using Perform Script on Server when the file is hosted, or automatically on the client machine when not hosted
  • FileMaker native functionality

Free download:  Download fmRecentRecords

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June 21, 2016at 5:12 am

I’d love to try out your demo, but cannot download. With the email and name fields filled, I get an error.

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June 21, 2016at 12:57 pm

[…] Source: fmRecentRecords – App.Works […]

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June 22, 2016at 5:25 am

[…] Saves time for your users, and instantly adds value to your solutionRequires minimal changes to your databaseTrack records in any number of tablesCan be deployed within minutesWill run using Perform Script on Server when the file is hosted, or automatically on the client machine when not hostedFileMaker native functionalityFree download: Download fmRecentRecords  […]


June 22, 2016at 3:56 pm

OK folks,

Download has been successful.


Al Delgado

October 29, 2016at 6:26 am

How would I go about modifying fmRecentRecords, if my contacts are on a portal that is on a layout. I would want to record as a recent record if I were to click on a portal line.

    David Weiner

    November 1, 2016at 1:28 am

    I’d probably add an invisible button over the entire portal row that fires off the OnRecordLoad script, and sends in the contact’s primary key as the parameter. I’ll often have an invisible portal button anyways, to do something like set a global field to the ID of the record the user clicked on, so the recent record script could be inserted into the script that’s already firing there.

      Al Delgado

      November 6, 2016at 6:03 pm

      Thanks that worked well. I was trying to modify the ToRecent script to go back to a name in the portal. I created a test script to test the find.

      Enter Find Mode[ ]
      Go to Field[T6e_list_CONTACTS_LIST_ALL::Full Name]
      Set Field[T6e_list_CONTACTS_LIST_ALL::Full Name; “ACT”]
      Perform Find[ ]

      When I run it and get to the Set Field, the text, “ACT” does not enter in the find field. The find field is in focus. Any ideas?
      Thanks Al

        David Weiner

        November 7, 2016at 10:36 am

        It depends on what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to select the name field in the portal row the user just clicked? You can’t really perform a find within a portal, although you could filter the portal by your search criteria. An alternate way to select a given row would be to run a script that loops through the portal rows, selecting the Name field on each row, and then exit the loop when you arrive at the row you want.


March 31, 2017at 8:57 am

I am nothing else but extremely appreciative of your file share. I implemented it and it works amazing. I only have one question. Does it not work when using webdirect? Am I missing something, or is it normal?

    David Weiner

    April 3, 2017at 10:08 am

    It definitely works in WebDirect. In fact, we have a demo file of fmRecentRecords hosted via WebDirect that is accessed from the download page:

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