This is Matt from AppWorks and today’s cool trick comes by way of my friend Tom Fitch. Tom showed me this really cool trick. Very frequently when I’m looking at a graph, I want to know if a given table occurrence is represented more than one time, or if this is the only one. For example, if I click on agency, or maybe an address would be a better example. I can use this feature to say select tables with the same source table. It’s a little difficult to see, I can see right here there’s one. I can scroll around my graph and look at all the other ones. 

There’s actually a really subtle way you can tell whether there is or is not more than one table occurrence for the base table you clicked on, and that’s this. If you click on it and click select tables with the same source table, then these four arrange buttons highlight because it’s only valid to merge or to left align if you have more than one, but if you have only one, so here’s another example table here that I made this one called Unique Table, which is the only occurrence. If I use this one and I say select tables with the same source table, there are none and these buttons don’t highlight. But if I click on address for one of the other table occurrences that does, and I click on select same, these four buttons highlight. That is a very subtle and cool trick. Thanks, Tom!