Hi this is Matt at AppWorks and FileMaker Pro 18 is here. This is going to be a quick video showing you two areas where there are some changes to the user interface that we’re pretty excited about over here at AppWorks.

One of them is the new Manage Security dialog. This is a completely redesigned area. First of all, when you go to Manage Security, you’ll realize that you don’t get asked for credentials every time you come in and go out of this window. If you’re already authenticated to the file with full access, you’ll just get right in. That’s going to save a lot of time, especially on solutions that have a lot of files.

The second thing that you’ll see is this is a completely new window here. If you click on any one of the account records, a little window pops up on the right telling you more info about that account. There’s a button on the bottom that says Advanced Settings. Go to Advanced Settings and it opens up the other window that we’re pretty used to where you can set privilege sets, extended privileges and file access. By the way, now, this checkbox for Require Full Access, which is a fairly obscure but important security thing, is now checked by default.

Privilege sets is a pretty exciting new feature. If we click on this one to edit it, there’s a new checkbox over here that says Manage accounts that don’t have Full Access. This means you can set up a user that s a sub-admin in your database file. So you can get a privilege set where any members of that set can create users that are not Full Access users. So they can’t go messing around with the really powerful stuff, but they can at least get in. I love that feature, I think it’s a really good thing.

The second feature that I think is really useful is the new import dialog. This has been a long time coming and they did a really great job with this. Go to Import Records. We’re just going to import a spreadsheet file here called Companies. This is a completely redesigned screen that I really love.

First of all, we see the familiar window to click through records, but it has one awesome new feature. As I click through records, I find on the third row of the spreadsheet is where I actually find my field labels. I can choose here and say these are my field names. It’ll show them. The next thing that’s cool is if I want to map my fields, like website to website, I can just go here and type. It’ll search all of the fields in my database and allow me to map them. I previously mapped some of these so you can see how they link. It’s really convenient to have that new window where you can either click through or you can search on your fields. Also if you click on the database icon, it’ll get right into the definitions of your database. You can actually add fields while you’re in the import dialog screen, which is a really neat thing.

The other thing I really like about this is after you click import, it’ll import all the records, which we’re used to, it’ll take a couple of seconds, even for 10,000 records. It gives you the summary that tells you what happened with the import. It tells you table created, it tells you how many records came in, and how many had errors. We just click ok and we can see exactly what happened. Those are the new features – two of the many new features of FileMaker 18. Thanks.