Beginner Training Bundle – Four Classes $100 Savings


Attend all four beginner classes on October 16th, 18th, 23rd and 25th for $1500, instead of the purchasing classes separately for $400 each. Class topics include button bars, data modeling, looping scripts, JSON functions, logging, sub-summaries, layout design and the Let function. Classes will be held from 1-5PM at AppWorks.

Class 1:

Button bars

  • We will use button bars to show calculated data on layouts without scripting or creating fields. We will show how button bars can replace standard buttons, merge fields, and more!

Relational design & Data modeling

  • How do relationships work in Claris? We’ll teach you what relationships are, why they are important, and how to ensure they work correctly.

Class 2:

Looping scripts

  • Scripts that loop through code are very powerful in automating tasks with hundreds or thousands of records. This class will demonstrate looping methods and how to utilize them in your solution.

JSON Functions

  • The JSON features built into Claris can pass multiple parameters to a script, process lists of data, and work with data from API integrations. This class will introduce the capabilities of these tools.

Class 3:

Logging Functionality

  • This class will demonstrate the integration, configuration, and key uses of logging, which is crucial in systems with confidential data. We will demonstrate how to connect to a system, and how to monitor session duration, record creation and deletion, editing of records, and running scripts.


  • Add functionality to your list layouts that allows for record sorting, grouping by type, data summaries, and more!

Class 4:

Data Entry Layout

  • Claris has many tools that allow a developer to build a clean, simple layout with good flow. We will demonstrate innovative ways to use popover buttons, card windows, button bars, and principles of essentialism to make intuitive layouts.

Let Function

  • The Let() function is one of the most useful and flexible tools in the arsenal of Claris calculations. This class will teach you how to write them, and why you should never write a Case function unless it’s in a Let function.


AppWorks is located at 519 SW Park Avenue, Suite 510, Portland, OR 97205.


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