fmSearchResults 6


What Is it?

fmSearchResults 6 is a fully-customizable search module for your FileMaker database that allows you to quickly and easily search across multiple tables. Integrating fmSearchResults 6 helps you avoid repeated steps when looking for data. The high-speed customizable search will eliminate users’ need to understand the finer points of layout context and related data. fmSearchResults 6 mimics a web-style search, and searches your entire solution so that you no longer need to know where data resides. 

When integrating fmSearchResults 6, you choose which fields are searched on each table, even if they are part of a text, number, or date search. You can specify how results are presented and how many results are displayed. Additionally, fmSearchResults 6 can even find contacts when searches are misspelled. If a phone number is stored using brackets instead of dashes, the search will still return the desired result. fmSearchResults also allows you to see recent finds you have performed.

Who is it for?

fmSearchResults 6 is especially useful for databases that have many tables with similar data fields. Additionally, it is great for solutions with users that aren’t especially tech-savvy. For users that struggle with specifying which tables and fields to search, fmSearchResults can be a great assist.

fmSearchResults is useful for:

  • Large files with many tables
  • Searching large datasets
  • Users that have difficulty searching
  • Centrally navigating a database
  • Improving efficiency by reducing search steps

What’s New

  • Search depth is now modular. You can now select which search module is used, instead of selecting the depth and using searches that may be unnecessary.
  • ‘Close Name Matching’ has been modified to search for multiple nicknames on one name.
    • For instance, if you search for Elizabeth and nothing is found, fmSearchResults 6 will search for Bell, Beth, Liz, etc
    • ‘Close Name Matching’ now includes a list of common Hispanic nicknames
    • The list of names is fully customizable
  • iOS layouts are now available for displaying search results
    • New dark theme layouts are now included
  • fmSearchResults 6 can automatically refine results by a date field to make searches more relevant
    • To use this feature, select a date field to narrow a large found set. If more than a certain number of results is found, this field narrows the set by defined increments until the found set is small enough for the user to read easily. 
    • Example: you have a contacts table and have defined the ‘Last Contacted’ field as the refine by date field, with a result limit size of 100. if your search of contacts returns 5000 records, fmSearchResults will limit that list to contacts that were contacted within the last 365 days. If the found set is now 1000 it will limit the list to those contacts within the last 180 days. This will continue through a predefined adjustable set of time limits until the found set is less than 100, or there are no more refinements that can be done. 
  • Metaphone searching has been added in order to find results that sound similar to the search you entered. Users can now create a field that results in a Metaphone version of a name field. This can help with finding similar spellings and typos. 
    • For instance, you are looking for someone named ‘Hoggard’ but you searched for ‘Hogard’ and didn’t get any results. The Metaphone search will find the contact named ‘Hoggard’ as well as ‘Hoguard’, ‘Hoagaard’, etc.
  • Internally, fmSearchResults 6 now uses JSON extensively, which simplifies the customization of functions.
  • New online documentation an be found at



    • FileMaker 18 is required in order to use the new Metaphone search feature
      • FileMaker 16 is required for all other functions
    • Can be used in a file running locally or on a server
    • Compatible with data-separation model 
    • Fully compatible with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and WebDirect


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