Virtual FileMaker Beginner Class 2


Learn to develop in Claris’ FileMaker platform by taking AppWorks’ live online class. Class will be taught via Zoom and will include lectures, breakout sessions, hands-on development and Q&A sessions.

Class 2

Thursday, July 16th, 2020 1-5PM PST

Calculations, Scripts & the List Layout

FileMaker’s calculation feature completes very simple tasks, such as adding two numbers together or displaying a person’s name in a different format. This feature also handles very complex tasks, which will be demonstrated.

Scripts are the most important aspect of a FileMaker database as it grows in complexity. Scripts offer workflow automation, error checking and much more. They are simple to start using and extremely powerful.

Layouts in FileMaker generally show a single record or a set of records. A list layout is similar to a spreadsheet in that it shows a line for each record, but with vastly more control.



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