In December of 2018, AppWorks decided to help new FileMaker developers by creating a video series intended to explain concepts that were tricky when we first started developing. Links to the videos are included below.

If there is a topic you would like more information on, or if there is a topic you would like explained in video format, please comment on our YouTube channel and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Happy Developing!

Lesson 1: The Data Viewer Watch Tab & Script Debugger

Lesson 2: Custom Logo Styles

Lesson 3: Naming Conventions

Lesson 4: Data Viewer & Script Debugger

Lessons 5-7: Search Features

Lesson 8: Buttons & Button Bars

Lesson 9: Case Function

Lesson 10-11: Anchor Buoy

Lesson 12: Subsummary Parts

Lesson 13: Field Validation & UUID

Lesson 14: Sorting at the Relationship Level

Lesson 15: Speed Issues part 1

Lesson 16: List Views & Speed Issues part 2

Lesson 17: Let Function

Lesson 18: Container Fields with External Storage

Lesson 19: Container Fields with External Storage pt. 2

Lesson 20: Web Viewers in WebDirect

Lesson 21: FileMaker 18 Preview

Value Picker Smackdown

Lesson 22: PSOS

Lesson 23: JSON Script Parameters

Lesson 24: Send Mail

Lesson 25: Dynamic Formatting part 1

Lesson 26: Dynamic Formatting part 2

Lesson 27: Card Windows

Lesson 28: Say No to Field Validation

Lesson 29: Global Variables

Lesson 30: Global Fields

Lesson 31: Google Chart API

Lesson 32: Toggle Button

Lesson 33: Loops

Lesson 34: Sort Functionality & Headers

Lesson 35: Self-Closing Custom Dialogs

Lesson 36: Security part 1

Lesson 37: Security part 2

Lesson 38: Using the List Function

Lesson 39: Creating Related Records

Lesson 40: Exporting Related Data

Lesson 41: Create Related Record

Lesson 42: Create Related Record with Global Field

Lesson 43: Create Related Record with Plus Button

Lesson 44: Working with Themes & Styles

Lesson 45: PatternCount Function

Lesson 46: Integrate Slack & FileMaker using Claris Connect

Lesson 47: Case Function

Lesson 48: Let Function

Lesson 49: Filter & Filter Values Functions

Lesson 50: Top 10 Get Functions

Lesson 51: Visual Spell Check

Lesson 52: JSON Append

Lesson 53: FM19 Add-ons

Lesson 54: Export Path

Lesson 55: Left, right and middle functions

Lesson 56: Google Gauge Chart