OutSystems is Enterprise-Ready

The application development space is slated to experience rapid growth in the coming years. With many platforms available and emerging, it is necessary to understand the relative advantages of each. Compared to FileMaker, OutSystems is designed for larger, enterprise-level organizations. Many current OutSystems users have given overwhelmingly positive ratings for the product direction, warranting a closer look.

OutSystems is the Right Tool for the Job

Sample interface in OutSystems

When you do, processes flow quickly, efficiently and effectively. Automation platforms have been struggling with this for the last several decades, since the dawn of the PC in the workplace. Over the last 40 years, many improvements came with improved hardware, better operating systems and improved software. However, the biggest transformations have taken place in the last 15 years with the creation of mobile applications.

OutSystems, founded in 2001, was already planning for this transition. Over the last 20 years, it has created a pro-code environment that allows developers to develop in the cloud or on desktop and deploy instantly to web and mobile devices. 

OutSystems is Easy-to-use. Robust and scalable. 

Historically these two requirements were incompatible, where easy-to-use platforms couldn’t meet performance requirements. If a platform was robust and scalable, it was difficult to develop and expensive to fund. OutSystems has found the sweet spot.

If you’re familiar with a graphical user interface for developing a solution, like in FileMaker, you will find OutSystems familiar. On the other hand, if you are a web coder or programmer, OutSystems allows you to extend functionality through the use of JavaScript, reactive web, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, microservices and so much more. With regards to scalability, an OutSystems solution can accommodate up to 11,000 concurrent users, which is sufficient for most organizations.

Access your Solution Everywhere

Sample interface for an OutSystems banking app

When you develop your OutSystems solution on the web or on a desktop console, you can deploy to the web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and even Linux. This means your solution can exist on your iPhone or Android phone and the web with one click. Also, phone and web solutions dynamically adjust to the size of screen and its orientation, eliminating a ton of manual coding.

Additionally, OutSystems solutions are available anywhere, even offline. You can create applications that collect data offline and then automatically sync back to the main server when an internet connection is restored. How cool is that? 

OutSystems has an App for Everything
Possible platform integrations with OutSystems

What industry are you in? Insurance, education, banking, healthcare? There’s an OutSystems solution for each of those. You can create a quick solution to share simple data, such as an incident reports and sales quotes, or create a more complex solution to manage financial services, insurance claims, government forms and so much more. 

Easy to Start, Easy to Learn

We recommend that you play around with the free version. You can download a copy here. This allows you to scale up gradually and build your business case for why the platform is a good solution for your needs.

As your skills develop, you can embark on any one of its learning paths. Each lesson provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to develop and deploy a feature, function or application. 

Start Here with OutSystems

Backend diagram for a banking application created with OutSystems

We can help. We’ve been building custom solutions for decades. We’ve helped clients transform their manual processes into digital processes, optimized their digital processes to be easier and faster, and deployed those processes to smartphones, tablets and the web. OutSystems gives you an enterprise-ready platform to grow and expand upon. You can feel confident that your solution is securely hosted in the cloud, robustly backed up and easily updated with no installations or upgrade processes that will bring your solution down. Are you ready for that digital transformation? Finally?

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