How We Help

We are in business to make your business better.

Saving time, effort, energy, money and potential pitfalls through software has been our mantra for over 20 years. You need us when:

  • you’re tired of trying to fit your business model around your software
  • you’re spending more time handling your data than your product
  • you crave efficiency and accuracy
  • your long-term goals seem unattainable in your current setup
  • you’ve outgrown your software
  • you need to be in two (or more) places at once
  • you’re concerned about security
  • you want malleable data – personalized reports, not one-size-fits-most reports

We are uniquely staffed to service you in the following ways:

  • Development – we bring almost seventy years of combined software development experience to the table using the #1 Workplace Innovation Platform
  • Consulting – we know it’s a matter of listening not just to what you want, but also recognizing what you need
  • Training – we want to share our knowledge and love of software development with the world!




Software Examples

Recent Articles

Parsing Methods for JSON Parameters

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Here at AppWorks we’ve been revamping some of our popular (and free!) downloadable modules with FileMaker’s native JSON functionality. But why stop there? The more JSON the better. Why do we love JSON so much? It’s human-readable and easy to write It’s lightweight and flexible It’ll make your API Integrations even easier to implement It

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November Meetup Recap

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Huge thank you to everyone that attended our Meetup last night! We enjoyed spiced Manhattans and pizza while discussing the PauseOnSecurity conference, the woes of falsely connecting to public WiFi, and best practices for a bulletproof database.

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Pause on Error Conference Recap

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This past October 22-23rd, our very own Matt Navarre and Ian Harris both attended and presented at the Pause on Error conference in Chicago. This conference was the first of its kind; there had never before been a FileMaker conference on a single topic, let alone security. Several presenters shared security exploits that they felt

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What Our Clients Say

"I just want to give a barge load of kudos to David Weiner, who has been tirelessly and patiently walking me through the beginner Filemaker jungle. I work for a nonprofit and am trying to put together a skeleton database that will show them just how much we need a database. Once I accomplish all that, it will be no small thanks to David, and bring a huge positive change to our org."

Tonaya Craft

( Open Up Resources )

“Matt and his team quickly solved a very obscure problem that was stalling our development. [We were] very happy with the quick and professional consultation results.”

Ken Skeen

( Hanna Andersson )

"ODITech has had a development relationship with AppWorks for over 15 years and their expertise in all things FileMaker is second to none. The ability to tackle difficult projects and deadlines makes them a dream to work with. I would gladly recommend them to any client."

Joey Grimaldi

( Owner of )

"Thank you for all your great work. It was a pleasure working with you. I will miss all of your prompt responses and great work you did for my invoicing database. Too bad we don’t have you here all the time! :)"

Connie Staben

( Oregon Department of Agriculture )

AppWorks clients come in all shapes and sizes, from large state agencies, down to one-person shops. Don't hesitate to get in touch.