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FileMaker Cloud Custom Domain Name

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While FileMaker Cloud simplifies hosting your database files, the initial setup process can be complicated. This blog post focuses on a step that frequently trips people up: configuring FileMaker Cloud with a custom domain name.

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Why Can’t I View PDFs?

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Have you ever run into issues with PDFs not displaying in FileMaker Pro? Does your interactive container field show a loading bar or empty box when you know the field contains a PDF? I’ve run into this issue in two different environments and found that there can be two different causes. In this blog I’ll

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Monthly FileMaker Meetup – July 2018

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This month’s Meetup started off with a demo from Matt Navarre of the newly released fmLog 2.0, a simple yet powerful FileMaker logging system developed by AppWorks. It is now available as a free download from our website. The group then received a sneak peak of Chris Irvine’s DevCon 2018 presentation, Crypto Building Blocks for

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What Our Clients Say

“Matt and his team quickly solved a very obscure problem that was stalling our development. [We were] very happy with the quick and professional consultation results.”

Ken Skeen

( Hanna Andersson )

"ODITech has had a development relationship with AppWorks for over 15 years and their expertise in all things FileMaker is second to none. The ability to tackle difficult projects and deadlines makes them a dream to work with. I would gladly recommend them to any client."

Joey Grimaldi

( Owner of )

"Thank you for all your great work. It was a pleasure working with you. I will miss all of your prompt responses and great work you did for my invoicing database. Too bad we don’t have you here all the time! :)"

Connie Staben

( Oregon Department of Agriculture )

AppWorks clients come in all shapes and sizes, from large state agencies, down to one-person shops. Don't hesitate to get in touch.