We are prioritizing the health of our employees, clients and community by following CDC guidelines and working from home. We are still available to assist you, and hope to help you work remotely as well.

What we do


We bring almost seventy years of combined software development experience to the table


Let us take care of your database hosting and backup needs


We know it's a matter of listening not just to what you want, but also recognizing what you need


We want to share our knowledge and love of software development with the world!


Attend our FileMaker PDX Meetup to network with other individuals in the local FileMaker community

     It's our 30th

     birthday this year

We create beautiful FileMaker solutions for you!

We can help you integrate with other apps, streamline your work processes, identify your hosting needs, implement security best practices, and more! You need a Workplace Integration Platform when you're tired of trying to fit your business model around your software, you're spending more time handling your data than your product, you crave efficiency and accuracy, your long-term goals seem unattainable in your current setup, you need to be in two (or more) places at once, you're concerned about security, or when you want personalized reports, not one-size-fits-most reports.

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