AppWorks provides hosting to clients with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Database hosting with AppWorks includes:

  • A custom built dedicated, certified FileMaker AWS server
  • Separate SSD drives for boot, FileMaker data and backups
  • Low latency internet access from the server to your internet provider
  • Personalized usernames, passwords and security levels for all users
  • Access to the server via the FM Admin Console on Remote Desktop
  • Encryption in transit using TLS (formerly known as SSL) with an industry-standard AES-256 cipher
  • Option for encryption at rest for all database files and backups
  • Maintain backup files on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis based on client’s request
  • Report rare data breaches to all affected parties in a timely fashion
  • Recovery and rebuilds available at our hourly rate

Price list***

Up to 10


Up to 25 and/or WebDirect



Call for price

*Nominal setup fee will apply.

**prices are based on both AWS prices and usage, and are subject to change. AppWorks will provide a 30 day notice of any price changes.

Monthly payments may be made automatically via credit card.
Annual payments may be made via check or credit card.