Claris FileMaker, the Workplace Innovation Platform

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The Claris FileMaker Platform is versatile and accessible, and can quickly transform your organization’s inefficient processes into assets. Whether this means saving you time, money or headaches, the Claris FileMaker Platform is here to streamline, aggregate and clean up tedious workplace tasks. With a low-code solution like FileMaker, you can quickly reduce data entry and streamline work processes.

We are a Claris Platinum Partner and certified license reseller. Our offerings include FileMaker development, training classes, hosting services and license sales. If you share our love for the platform, we’d suggest checking out our blog and Meetup group.

FileMaker Developers

Our Claris-certified developers are equipped to translate your vision into tangible, intuitive software that’s designed to the exact specifications of your organization. We can analyze your current process and make suggestions for impactful features, security settings and more. Let us know if you’d like to discuss what the Claris platform can do for your organization.

We can also discuss your integration options for connecting a different data source to FileMaker. We’re experienced with API integrations, Zapier integrations, and integrations using Claris Connect. Integration projects are unique, and we’re available to help you find the perfect integration solution that fits with your needs, timeline and budget.

FileMaker Licenses

As a Claris-certified reseller, we’re trained to help you find the best licensing configuration for your organization. We’ll make sure you have the optimal FileMaker licensing setup in terms of users, user status and license type. We can also assist with license renewals, or updating expired licenses to the current version of FileMaker. Have a question about FileMaker licensing? We’d love to assist.

FileMaker Hosting

Our FileMaker hosting services are available to all of our clients. Not only are we a Claris Platinum Partner, we’re also an AWS-Certified Cloud Practitioner. Hosting your FileMaker database on AWS allows you to securely and quickly access your database from anywhere with internet. Clients can choose server location and backup schedule. If you don’t have exact needs for server location and backups, we’re happy to make recommendations and ensure that your database is secure with the best possible uptime.

FileMaker Training

We love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for the Claris platform through our FileMaker training classes. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals with the Claris platform, whether that means learning about your workplace’s current FileMaker solution, or becoming a Claris-certified developer yourself. Our class offerings include beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, as well as classes designed specifically for your organization and a new developer certification learning path.

Upgrade FileMaker

If you have an older FileMaker solution, and you’d like to discuss options for modernizing your current system, drop us a note! We can schedule a time to talk about your business, your current solution, new features and what’s possible. We can guide you through the processes of upgrading your licenses to the current version, and adding new functionality while keeping the parts of your solution that work well. We can help you upgrade your FileMaker Server as well.