Virtual FileMaker Beginner Class 3


Learn to develop in Claris’ FileMaker platform by taking AppWorks’ live online class. Classes will be taught via Zoom and will include lectures, breakout sessions, hands-on development and Q&A sessions.

Class 3

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 1-5PM PST

Data Entry Layout, Design for Desktop, iOS & Web, Class Conclusion

The key to a good entry layout is simplicity. FileMaker has many tools that allow a developer to build a clean, simple layout with good flow that allows a user to easily discover correct use, then joyful long-term use. We will look at interesting ways to use popover buttons, card windows, button bars, and concepts of essentialism to make great layouts.

FileMaker databases can be published to many platforms, including the iPad and iPhone, and to the web for general use. Each platform has strengths and weaknesses, and presents interesting design challenges.

We will end by reviewing calculations, scripts, layout design, and answering questions that may have arisen. Now that we have seen all main aspects of FileMaker, relationships and portals should connect. Calculations and scripts should also connect. We will end by examining further features in FileMaker that are effective and simple to implement.



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