Elusive Moose Exclusive

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Have you ever seen a moose? How about a dream come true? How about your dream come true?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “this should be so easy to accomplish!” only to get discouraged when something that seems so effortless for others — like building a business from scratch, or evolving your skills — seems so difficult for you? If so, read on!

AppWorks would like to introduce you to Elusive Moose, a comprehensive online resource for consultants and freelancers, aimed at sharing their decades’ of shared knowledge, their network of colleagues’ and experts’ advice and experience directly with you.

Our very own Matt Navarre was a guest speaker at last year’s Find Your Moose Convention in Chicago. Not only did he enjoy speaking, but he also learned quite a bit while he was there. Since then, the team at Elusive Moose have been hard at work compiling and updating their online resource for people just like you.

What’s even better, we have an Elusive Moose exclusive offer for you! Right now, you can become an Elusive Moose Member for only $99.


To learn more about this amazing offer and just what it means to see a moose, please head on over to ElusiveMoose.com for more information. But hurry! This offer only lasts until 03/31/2016.