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How to Upgrade PHP on a FileMaker Server Running on MacOS

What’s happening and why is it important?

The default version of PHP that ships with FileMaker Server 17.0.4 up to 18.0.2 is 7.1.*. This particular version is no longer receiving active support and won’t receive any security updates starting on Dec 1st, 2019. Any version before FileMaker server 17.0.4 uses a version of PHP that is no longer supported. Running web apps on an unsupported version of PHP is not recommended, and will compromise the security of your application.

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7 Things We’re Grateful For

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we at AppWorks took time to reflect on the things we are grateful for. As a whole, we are thankful for our fantastic clients, students, friends, colleagues and the local FileMaker community. To our clients, we enjoy nothing more than knowing that we’ve positively improved your workplace.

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