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FileMaker 17: New and Improved Licensing Programs

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As a certified FileMaker license reseller, AppWorks is jumping for joy with the new and improved FileMaker License programs! After years of competing acronyms such as AFLT, FLT, AVLA, VLA, ASLA, SBA, etc., FileMaker Inc. has simplified the programs to: User Licensing, Concurrent Connection Licensing and Site Licensing. *phew*

Additionally, each program is available for annual contracts or perpetual use, and all of them come with a robust list of features.

Even better news (yes, it’s possible), the new licensing contracts will have one license key to manage the installation of all new products. Plus, it won’t change from release to release!

What does all products mean? With the release of FileMaker 17, each of the license contract types includes the entire platform of products. Let’s break down the programs and what products come with each:

User Licensing

According to FileMaker, Inc., “A user is a unique person who will need any type of access to the FileMaker Platform. A user can create or use apps to view, enter or modify data with iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows or the web.” Under this new contract, each of your users will have access to all of the following:

  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker Data API
  • 3 FileMaker Server installations (one for dev, one for production and one for FM Cloud)

Perhaps the best news of all, with the release of FileMaker 17, purchases are based on the number of users after the initial minimum of 5 users. You can add new users as needed in increments of one!

For example, if your company had 8 FileMaker users, you’ve likely purchased AFLT or AVLA for 10 users for FileMaker Pro. But now your company has grown to 11. Rather than purchasing another bundle of 5 users for just one more person, you can renew under the User Licensing for 11 users.

Concurrent Connection Licensing

This is the right choice for you if the majority of your users are anonymous or occasional users who typically connect via the web. Again, under this new contract, each of your users will have access to all of the following:

  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker Data API
  • 1 FileMaker Server installation

For example, if your company had 12 employees in the office who logged into FileMaker Pro, 7 of whom would also need to log into FileMaker WebDirect, you’ve likely purchased a concurrent license for 5 connections. Now, you can renew under the Concurrent Connection Licensing for 7 connections and take advantage of all of the above. If you’re an existing customer with a concurrent connection contract, you’ll transition to the New Concurrent Connections licensing with the equivalent number of connections as you obtained in FileMaker 16, plus one FileMaker Server.

Site Licensing

This program is based on headcount in the organization, rather than users, starting at 25 employees. This is the right choice for you if you have an integrated WebDirect component into your solution for anonymous users that don’t install or use FileMaker Pro Advanced, but need access to read-only data, or entering data for a singular use.

Under this new contract, this program bundles:

  • FileMaker Servers*
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker Data API

*The number of server installations matches the headcount of your company.

For example, if your company had 27 employees, but had an integrated WebDirect component into your solution, you’ve likely purchased a site license for 30 users and possibly had to purchase at least one FileMaker Pro Advanced license. Now, you can purchase a Site Licensing contract for exactly 27 users, and all users get to take advantage of the above. Reminder: anonymous users may access FileMaker WebDirect, but may not install or use FileMaker Pro Advanced.

Here’s what to expect with your new and improved products:

FileMaker Pro Advanced is the only option for desktop, and this means everyone now has access to the advanced features. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!  No need to worry about a FileMaker development takeover, you have the ability to turn the advanced features off for specific users.

FileMaker Data API

The release of FileMaker 16 provided the ability to connect with various APIs. Now with FileMaker 17, The server receives unlimited data transfers with inbound API Calls. Outbound API Calls use gigabytes from the shared annual data transfer cache. These gigabytes are metered at the server level. Below is the math behind the total mount of shared annual data transfers you have for your yearly contract.


Number of



2 GB

per month

x 12



Shared annual

data transfer

For example, your company has a 5 user licenses your API data transfer total would be:
5 x 2 x 2 = 120GB for the year. If you need more than this, you can purchase additional API connections.

Still confused? Don’t worry – it’s a lot to take in all at once. AppWorks is here to answer any and all of your FileMaker licensing questions. Our staff are trained to help navigate you and your team through this transition and as always, we’re here for any of your training and development needs as well. Please call Shawn at 503.616.9422 x4 to learn more, or send her an email: shawn@app.works.

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Credit: NASA/Tony Gray

AppWorks is happy to share LaunchIt a user friendly file launching module. This FileMaker module gives developers a fast way to share solutions with clients.

It takes time to talk a client through adding the hosted solution to their favorites and going through the steps of typing credentials – especially if the client is prone to typos. The launcher file takes less than a minute to set up, gives the user feedback if it doesn’t work, and doesn’t have the potential for opening security holes in a system.

A fmp url protocol and the open url script tell FileMaker to go to a server and open a file without having to put an external data reference in the launcher file or authorize the launcher in the hosted file. This only passes an open command – no account name or password information to the file. Security is left to the hosted file and comparable to the open command from within FileMaker.

Set Up

  • Download the LaunchIt file from our downloads page.
  • Make a copy of the LaunchIt file.
  • Rename the copy to match the filename being launched.
  • Double click the renamed file to open.
  • Type the server address and filename in the setting screen, this screen displays the first time the file is opened.
    The server address can be the raw IP address or the domain name – don’t use http:// or https://.
  • Test the settings with the  “test connection” and “open file” buttons.
  • Close the settings window.

D’oh: If you set up file without making a copy you’ll need access to the admin screen. To edit the file, hold down the option key (shift in Windows) and double click on the file. “Admin” is the username with no password.

Use It

Attach the launcher file you created to an email and send to your client.

If a user has an unsuccessful launch, the file will test the internet connection by trying to connect to Google.com. Then it will try to connect to the server’s test page at :16000/Test.html. If a developer has disabled the test html on their server, they will need to add some other test for server connection, or forgo that test altogether.

Depending on the results of these tests, it will tell the user:

  • You do not appear to be connected to the internet.
  • Connection to server [server name] failed.
  • Successfully connected to server, but file [solution name] does not appear to be open. Please confirm the filename is not misspelled, or that [solution name] has not been closed or moved.

The user can use the “Try Again” button, or click on the gear icon in the lower right to go to the settings page and modify the server address or filename.

Get the free download:  Download LaunchIt

If you would like to schedule a professional consultation for personalized integration, please contact Shawn at shawn@app.works or (503) 616-9422.

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Podcast Episode 128 :: FileMaker Cloud

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Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowski recently chatted about the perks of FileMaker Cloud. They also discussed how it differs from a self-hosted FileMaker server.

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