Archives June 18, 2019

Data Separation and Account Security

FileMaker’s built-in security features for accounts and privilege sets are flexible and robust enough to meet almost any need. There are times, however, when a particular scripted process needs to override an individual’s security access in order to complete its task. In most cases, the option to ‘Grant Full Access Privileges’ to individual scripts has […]

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Employee Spotlight: Shawn

AppWorks is starting a new recognition series in which we highlight each of our valued employees. Shawn Prado’s central role at AppWorks as Customer Success Manager makes her a great candidate as the focus of our first Employee Spotlight. President of AppWorks, Kimberly Carlson, appreciates that “Shawn makes my life – and our clients’ lives […]

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Bridge Monitor App

Our favorite time in Portland is here! The Rose Festival, Pride Week, Fleet Week, Portland Craft Beer Festival, The Blues Festival and Bridge Pedal are just a few of our favorites, but with each of them comes traffic on both land and water. While lots of apps can help with traffic navigation, most can’t account […]

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