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Get(UUIDNumber) is here – how does it compare to Get(UUID)?

With the long list of new features being released in FileMaker Pro 17, one item that piqued the interest of my inner geek was this new function:  Get( UUIDNumber ). This new function is useful because now you can store your UUIDs in a Number data-typed field instead of having to use a Text data-typed field.  My hypothesis is that storing Numbers in the database will take up less space in the file. (I’m not sure where I got that notion, but it’s stuck with me for a while now…perhaps it was the Tech specs from an older version, where it described the minimum size needed to store numbers vs. text.)

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June 6th Portland FileMaker Meetup

It was good to see folks again this month, for another meeting at AppWorks command HQ.  (I missed last month’s meeting, unfortunately. I was looking forward to hearing the stories from Pause on Error.)  Here are some of the highlights.

There are big changes in the licensing of FM 17.  AppWorks’ own Shawn Prado has a thorough article covering that topic.  When you purchase a 5-user license you get 3 copies of Server now.  That raised an interesting question: Does this mean you can put one of those on FileMaker Cloud with the BYOL option, instead of buying one through the FM Cloud interface?  It used to be that when you used the BYOL option your server license would get converted to FMCloud and NOT be returnable to standalone server installations at a later date if you moved off the cloud.  This then led to some discussion on hosting and server environments.

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FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 Training – Six-part Series for Beginner and Intermediate Levels

AppWorks is offering FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 Training a six-part series at the beginning / intermediate level.

The format will be instructor led with plenty of hands-on development. Bring a specific project to work on if you can, and you’ll have made great progress during the classes. We will be using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.

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