Employee Spotlight: Shawn

AppWorks is starting a new recognition series in which we highlight each of our valued employees. Shawn Prado’s central role at AppWorks as Customer Success Manager makes her a great candidate as the focus of our first Employee Spotlight. President of AppWorks, Kimberly Carlson, appreciates that “Shawn makes my life – and our clients’ lives – easier.”

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FileMaker 18 and Gmail Send Mail Bug

A new bug with FileMaker 18’s Send Mail script step has come up recently. This bug only occurs when sending email via SMTP server. It also only happens when using Gmail’s SMTP service. The bug is apparent when users attempting to Send Mail via SMTP encounter this pop-up:

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FileMaker vs. Airtable

“Do you even Airtable, bruh”?

FileMaker, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, is the venerable development platform that’s been improving business efficiency with custom software for more than 30 years. Airtable is a modern database/spreadsheet hybrid, first released in 2012, that’s been well-received in some of the same workplace environments in which FileMaker shines. There is significant overlap in the abilities of both FileMaker and Airtable, so which should you choose, and why?

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