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Training Classes Offered in May

We have received interest in upcoming FileMaker trainings, and we are thrilled to announce the return of our FileMaker training classes! This upcoming May, we are offering a training series for intermediate to advanced FileMaker developers. These classes will be taught by Matt Navarre, expert developer and owner of AppWorks.

The courses will be offered in a four-part series, where classes can be bought individually, or in a package deal for a total savings of $200. Each 4-hour class will be from 1-5PM on Wednesday afternoons in May. Each individual class is $400, with the package deal including all four classes for $1400. These classes can be purchased online.

Class 1 will focus on data tables and relationships. Topics covered during this class include types of relationships, identifying relationships, working with complex relationships, using external data sources, and more.

Class 2 delves into FileMaker layouts, and will include instruction on linking layouts to specific table occurrences, using portals to display data, using the chart object and additional topics.

Class 3 is a scripting-focused class. Topics such as creating and editing scripts, script triggers, perform scripts on server, scripting Tools, script Debugger and more will be taught.

Class 4 is a class dedicated to server setups for both internal and web connections. Web publishing server settings, WebDirect server settings, encryption at rest and other server encryptions to watch out for, and server admin console settings will all be covered in-depth. Class descriptions detailed here are not complete – please read full class details in the store section of our website.

Please let us know if there are any additional topics you would like to see covered in a class, or if you are unsure of your abilities. We are more than happy to work with you and assist with placement in our training classes. We want to challenge you, but we want you to understand everything you learn. Ultimately we want these classes to give you the tools you need to develop successfully.

Please also email if you are interested in FileMaker training, but seeking a more basic class offering for beginner developers. We would love to host a class series for beginners and will begin the scheduling process if there is sufficient interest.

New Service: Module Implementation

We are debuting a brand-new service offering that can be purchased in our online store. AppWorks will now install one of our downloadable modules into your solution, so that our clients can reap the benefits of our popular modules without the development hassle. We are offering this service for fmLog, fmSearchResults and fmRecentRecords. We’d recommend this option for beginning-level developers who may be uncomfortable fully integrating one of our modules on their own, but want enhanced functionality in their database.

Services Offered

Our implementation services vary based on the nature of the module. For fmLog, we will add logging functionality into a solution, for up to ten fields. For fmRecentRecords, we will add a history to the dashboard for up to 5 tables. fmSearchResults’ integration will completely integrate the module within your solution.

Our goal with our new integration offering was to offer our clients enhanced functionality from these modules, with no FileMaker expertise required. AppWorks’ integration services will ensure that the module is working properly and to its fullest capacity within your solution. Our integration services will save our clients time and effort so that they can focus on their business, not their database.

Additional Help

These integrations can be purchased alongside our modules, in our new store section of the AppWorks website. Our modules and module/integration packages can be found here. The online purchase of the integration will include the module itself and a designated block of time for the integration, which will be scheduled via email. We hope you find this offering helpful, and we can’t wait to help you get the most out of your solution. If you aren’t sure which integration(s) would benefit your company the most, reach out to and we can help make recommendations for your specific solution.

January Meetup with LiveCode

We’d like to extend a thank you to everyone that was able to join us this past Tuesday night for our monthly Meetup. We began with our customary FileMaker Q&A session, then listened to a special presentation from Kevin Miller of LiveCode.

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8 FileMaker Features We’re Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving from AppWorks! We wanted to take this time of year to contribute potluck-style to a list of our best-loved FileMaker features. Feast your eyes on our all-time favorite FileMaker traits, and please let us know which features you think warrant a little extra holiday gratitude.

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