MORE Enlightened Theme!

Themes in FileMaker are a designer’s toolbox, and are undoubtedly a huge help when designing layouts. Every layout has a theme, regardless of whether you pick one or not. If you just start out creating a layout, the theme defaults to one called “Enlightened”:

FileMaker’s default Enlightened theme

I strongly dislike the Enlightened theme, and yet it litters every FileMaker screen in which the developer didn’t explicitly decide to choose another (better) one. The problem is that once a layout is designed with a given theme, it can be more trouble than it’s worth to switch to a new one, owing to the fact that every object will need to have a new “style” applied to it, unless the same basic size and color value relationships exist between objects in the NEW theme. So, I designed a replacement for the Enlightened theme that can drop in and look better with almost no adjustments necessary to your layouts. I call it “More Enlightened”:

AppWorks’ More Enlightened theme

I also added a new “invisible” button style, because I find I always need to add one. I also included a “dark mode” version, which mimics the dark mode UI that’s currently en vogue:

You can download both themes HERE. Please proceed to replace all instances of Enlightened with this new More Enlightened theme. Thank you!