Find Your Moose 2015 – A Work Life Conference for Consultants


Our very own Matt Navarre is facilitating panel discussions at the inaugural Find Your Moose conference in Chicago this October.

Find Your Moose is a conference for independent consultants, creatives, designers, marketing consultants and web developers aimed at helping you find the skills and mindsets that are eluding you in work and in life. Topics include: growing your business; optimizing sales and marketing; managing business and personal finances; managing projects effectively; improving your time management; networking for new business, inspiration, and support; reducing stress; leveraging advisory resources; and aligning your personal and work culture

Matt will be facilitating panel discussions on the following topics:

Coaching & Advisory Resources
Owning your own business can be a lonely place. It’s important to have resources who can give you positive and truthful advice, as well as insight, as you strive to make the best decisions. This panel discussion will include conversations with business coaches and reference resources for professional development.

Legal, Accounting & Financial Advice
This facilitated panel discussion amongst legal experts will tell you what you need to do in order to protect your business, including best practices for bookkeeping, types of insurance and more.

Click here to learn more about Matt’s Sessions. Or, to learn more about the conference (including what his whole “moose” thing means) and how you can attend, please visit them at Early bird rates are available through August 31st!

Find Your Moose 2015
A Work Life Conference for Consultants
October 29 & 29 in Chicago