5 New Features in FileMaker 19

Claris, Inc. announced FileMaker 19’s release today, May 20th, 2020. As a Claris Platinum Partner, AppWorks was able to experiment with FileMaker 19 prior to its release. We found the same great, reliable platform we’ve come to love enhanced with cool, modern functionality. Here are five new features we are excited to utilize:

Spotlight-like layout switching: A new spotlight-like tool is added to layout mode that allows developers to switch to other layouts quickly. This is way faster than using the manage layouts view. – Karl Jreijiri

Layout Switching in action

I think the ability to use card windows in WebDirect will save a lot of clients a lot of money. Instead of having to reconfigure an entire layout’s functionality, it can operate online as it does in app. – Kimberly Carlson

Add-ons allow us to create plug-and-play components for FileMaker databases. Adding our awesome fmSearchResults6 and fmLog to databases can be almost as easy as drag and drop. – Karl Jreijiri

Add-on Demonstration

Machine learning in FileMaker can help in very exciting ways such as forecasting prices and demand, automation, reducing defects, reducing manual data entry, among others. This is a great first step in allowing small and medium-sized businesses to access machine learning. FileMaker might prove to be the most cost-efficient tool in opening up these businesses to high-end machine learning trained models.

Karl Jreijiri

If you care about design consistency and UI as much as I do, using the new Get ( SystemAppearance ) function can let you know whether to send a user to a regular layout or a “Dark Mode” layout – designed with our More Enlightened Dark Theme. – David Weiner

Additionally, Claris FileMaker continues to add great features while keeping the previous price point with the release of FileMaker 19. – Shawn Prado

We would love to show you how these features can enhance your solution, or make recommendations for optimizing your workplace app. Email sales@app.works to schedule a consultation via Zoom.