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7 Things We’re Grateful For

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we at AppWorks took time to reflect on the things we are grateful for. As a whole, we are thankful for our fantastic clients, students, friends, colleagues and the local FileMaker community. To our clients, we enjoy nothing more than knowing that we’ve positively improved your workplace.

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AppWorks Spotlight: Kimberly

President of AppWorks, Kimberly Carlson, is known for her quick wit and listening ear. Known for taking on varied roles and providing a fresh perspective on conflicts, Kimberly has never met a work snafu she couldn’t untangle. Client Michelle Barber notes, “I am most grateful for her candor and her directness when the chaos starts to swirl.”

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October Meetup Recap

AppWorks would like to thank everyone that attended our October FileMaker Portland Meetup. We munched on Thai food from Beau Thai while kicking off the meeting with a beginner question period, then launched into AppWorks’ new line of videos, called FileMaker Cool Tricks. We demonstrated the workarounds in the cool trick videos, and then opened up the room to other developers – what “cool tricks” do you use that are not obvious? What do they allow you to do?

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