Parsing Methods for JSON Parameters

Here at AppWorks we’ve been revamping some of our popular (and free!) downloadable modules with FileMaker’s native JSON functionality. But why stop there? The more JSON the better.

Why do we love JSON so much?

  • It’s human-readable and easy to write
  • It’s lightweight and flexible
  • It’ll make your API Integrations even easier to implement
  • It makes multiple parameter passing more robust and reliable

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Get(UUIDNumber) is here – how does it compare to Get(UUID)?

With the long list of new features being released in FileMaker Pro 17, one item that piqued the interest of my inner geek was this new function:  Get( UUIDNumber ). This new function is useful because now you can store your UUIDs in a Number data-typed field instead of having to use a Text data-typed field.  My hypothesis is that storing Numbers in the database will take up less space in the file. (I’m not sure where I got that notion, but it’s stuck with me for a while now…perhaps it was the Tech specs from an older version, where it described the minimum size needed to store numbers vs. text.)

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