Parsing Methods for JSON Parameters

Here at AppWorks we’ve been revamping some of our popular (and free!) downloadable modules with FileMaker’s native JSON functionality. But why stop there? The more JSON the better.

Why do we love JSON so much?

  • It’s human-readable and easy to write
  • It’s lightweight and flexible
  • It’ll make your API Integrations even easier to implement
  • It makes multiple parameter passing more robust and reliable

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FileMaker 17: Admin API

If you manage multiple instances of FileMaker Server, maintenance would typically be performed by logging in to each via a web browser or running fmsadmin CLI commands. These methods become unwieldy when you need to make the same change or gather the same bit of information across several servers. A seemingly simple task now takes 30 minutes or more with multiple servers. For example, ensuring that servers have enabled the security setting “Host password-protected databases only” is a quick task for the first few servers, but surprisingly time-consuming when checking twenty.

The time-saving solution to administering a fleet of Filemaker Server instances is the Admin API. Prior to 17, the Admin API was only available in FileMaker Cloud. Now, FileMaker Server 17 running on Windows or Mac OS can be administered from any tool capable of generating HTTP requests, including curl, PHP, and Filemaker Pro Advanced. Given a list of server addresses, we can programmatically log in to each server to gather configuration information, close database files, run schedules, and more.

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