How fast is FileMaker Server 19.1.2?

Find operations on FileMaker Server 19.1.2 are up to 10x faster than before Claris released a new version of FileMaker Server with features that improve the performance and stability of your hosted FileMaker apps. My favorite addition is “parallel indexed finds,” which means that users can now run multiple find operations on a field simultaneously, […]

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Top-Notch FileMaker Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (also called quick keys) are a developer’s golden ticket to a faster and more efficient workflow. Even a handful of keyboard shortcuts can cut down on work time and provide a more fluid user experience. Many tasks can be accomplished with keyboard shortcuts alone, and FileMaker Pro gives users the ability to create […]

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Kimberly selected for Claris Partner Council

AppWorks is pleased to announce that Kimberly Carlson, President of AppWorks, has been selected as a Claris Partner Council member, where she will communicate the needs and ideas of Claris FileMaker developers and firms to a Claris executive team. We know she will excel in this role due to her active listening and creative problem-solving […]

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